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Repair Connects

Repair Connects matches citizens and local repairers online. Maakbaar Leuven, Repair Together, Repair & Share and other repair initiatives set up a digital solution to make sure that Repair Cafés could continue online and citizens were able to get their broken devices fixed.

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Matching citizens with repairers

The platform matches citizens and their broken devices with repairers in their region. Together, you will find the right solution to fix your device: a Repair Café in your area, a video call, the transfer of a useful video or another solution.

How does it work?

Using Repair Connects is quite simple:

  1. register your device via Repair Connects;
  2. choose if you want to take your device to a Repair Café or if you would rather receive online guidance;
  3. wait for a confirmation of your registration;
  4. your local repairers get a weekly overview of all devices registered in their repair group;
  5. bring your device to the Repair Café you have selected, or someone from the repair team will contact you for online help;