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Digital tools for repair

The Sharepair project focuses on scaling up repair and guiding citizens towards the best repair solutions by developing digital support tools.

We created a tool for repairers in repair caf├ęs and repair centres; a guidance tool for consumers and citizens to guide them towards the best repair solution; a tool for mapping repair facilities and repair services in the participating regions and cities; a tool for collecting and sharing open-source designs for 3D printing of spare parts and an integrated data space that gathers all the data captured.

Check out our digital tools below!

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Sharepair is all about raising awareness for repair. An ecosystem of connected digital tools helps us reach that goal.
Lieve Van Espen, project coordinator

Tools in the picture

Mapping tool

A map with all repair initiatives or professionals in the city.
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Repair Connects

Repair Connects matches citizens and local repairers online.
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Spare parts tool for 3D

A tool that gathers 3D solutions for missing or broken spare parts during a repair.
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Guidance tool

A tool to guide citizens and repairers through the different repair options availabe.
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