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An umbrella network of cities, organizations, businesses and other stakeholders that are committed to decrease the still growing mountain of waste from electric and electronic devices by encouraging and promoting repair.

Interested in the network?

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Why did we create the Repair Network?

The network was set up to ensure that all developments within Sharepair will stay available for new and existing members.

We also want to:

  • create an umbrella network with member cities;​
  • ensure that data about repair and that facilitates repair will keep on being collected; ​
  • encourage policy learning and policy influencing; ​
  • facilitate the broader roll-out of the developed tools;​
  • extend the ‘lessons learned’ to other stakeholders;​
  • raise awareness about repair​;
  • gather more repair data, monitor more cities and create more impact with repair;

Who can join the network?

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Repair Organizations