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How to become a repair city?

Cities are important actors in the circular economy and essential facilitators to promote and support local repair. However, how to start?

We gathered all the developments within the Sharepair project in a city repair toolkit with 10 concrete actions to help cities scale up repair projects, start a Repair Café, reach as many citizens as possible and highlight the importance of repair with citizens.

Check out the city repair toolkit below!

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City repair toolkit

Check out our repair toolkit and let these 10 actions guide you towards becoming a repair city! Each action is further documented in a practical & actionable way.

The city repair toolkit consists of 10 concrete actions to help cities support, facilitate and promote local initiatives, while raising awareness about the importance of repair among citizens
Liene Blancke, city of Leuven

Be inspired by our pioneer repair cities

Intergenerational exchange and repair exhibitions in Roeselare

Every year, many appliances that are still easily repairable are thrown away . Repairing is good for the environment AND fun to do! Learn…
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The successful e-waste challenge with schools in Apeldoorn

The schools in Apeldoorn collect 3,908 electronic devices during the E-waste Race in 2022. The race encourages children, their families and…
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How Leuven is developing an Urban Repair Center

Urban Repair Centres are physical centres that help facilitate repair in urban areas. Leuven is currently working on scaling up the URC in…
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Is your city's story still missing here?

Or did our toolkit trigger your attention? Are you working for a city, or actively involved in a local repair community that can still grow? Send us a message to join the repair city community.