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Guiding citizens towards the best repair solution

How can we make sure more citizens choose repair?
Simple, by guiding them towards the best repair options!

Find out below which tools to use as a city.

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Guidance for self repair

The Guidance tool was created for those who like to experiment and try to fix things, but do not immediately know how to start. By sharing some basic techniques and solutions for a range of product categories, we want to give you that push you need to give repair a try.

You can use the guidance tool to find:

  • general repair tips;
  • information about the European guidelines for repair;
  • specific repair guides for product categories and devices;
  • a link to the mapping tool to guide citizens towards local repair solutions;
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Interactive guidance in Dutch and French

On the website of Sharepair partner Testaankoop-Testachats you can find an interactive webpage with repair guidance for citizens. The information is also available as a book (printed version or pdf).

2023 02 26 14 48 08 Why Frances new repairability index is a big deal Grist

The French repair score: showing the repairability of devices

Since January 1st 2021, a mandatory repair score was launched in France. The label shows how easily washing machines, lawn machines, laptops, TVs and smartphones can be repaired. Eventuelly, all electrical appliances on the French market will get the label. This score will allow customers to compare appliances on their repairability.